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We're Spectator Magazine.

Spectator Magazine is the literary and arts magazine of Walter Johnson High School, showcasing fine art, sculpture, photography, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and interviews with the leading artists and thinkers of our time. Since its first publication in 1958, Spectator has aspired to be the creative outlet for the artistic community of Walter Johnson to express themselves unreservedly and dynamically. We are a magazine born of inspiration and tempered by innovation; it is our hope that anyone who discovers Spectator has as much joy experiencing it as we did creating it.

Spectator Magazine is produced by a journalism class open to all students at Walter Johnson. It is an annual publication comprised of work collected from students over the course of a school year. Students are encouraged to submit their contributions to staff members or email them to editors. Selection for publication is decided on the merit of the work itself as well as the role it may play in the overall theme and layout of the magazine; art and English teachers often provide recommendations. Entries are edited collaboratively, with both staff and creators approving final versions for publishing.


Writing and visual art featured in Spectator express the views and sensibility of the students and not necessarily that of Spectator Magazine.

Contact us for past awards (some awards not published for brevity)



Spectator's logo represents the keen eye and creative spirit in Walter Johnson students that allows us to see the invisible and reinterpret the ordinary around and within us. Using our senses, represented by the ears, eyes, and hands on the books, we interpret our existence and experiences through the artistic tools on the page. Whether we express ourselves through art, photography, or speech, we always strive to represent the very best and innovative of Walter Johnson.

2022 – 23

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