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Rio de Janeiro - Santa Teresa

Rio de Janeiro — Santa Teresa by Jonathan Farias Ferreira from Vantage


Here I am in the hammock with my brother in the yard, a hot summer day in Bolivia. Here I am wearing clothes that are too big for me and idolizing my brother, whose clothes fit just right. Here are the rays of the sun penetrating the grapevine above my head, showering me and my brother with crowns of gold, and then falling to the concrete where they form an elaborate tapestry of shadow and light. Here I am, one foot in the grass and one foot on the pavement. Here is who I was when the photograph was taken and here I am now reflecting on it. Here is the shadow of a tree I cannot quite remember, but I am sure that I bumped my head on at least once. Here I am with a big shit eating grin on my face, wearing a Pokémon t-shirt and loving it. Here is my brother, wearing a watch he would leave at home when he went away to college five and a half years later. Here I am, realizing that I’m wearing it at this very moment. I seldom let my mother photograph me nowadays. Here I am, reconsidering my position.

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