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Hades - Alison Merberg


like the way a child lets slumber encompass them whole

a mouth wide and gaping– the world began to tilt.

it leaned on its axis, letting the stars slide off its atmosphere

as the whole universe watched with a pursed lip

its tears streaking the night sky leaving a milky way

in its wake. beyond the clouds, 

torrents are left like a postage stamp on the shore

sea spray swallowing sidewalks, caking salt into pavement

and thunder crying war as a streak of light pierces its heart–

howling in pain, but it doesn’t hurt.

by the countryside,

the hills start to sag.

tulips drooping, their heads hung low in shame.

in a panic– a state of mind– the feral cats

the roaming, fearless gamblers

the big spenders, rolling sixes and dealing aces–

they confess how they would spend their nine lives if time could

not outlive them.

by the coast,

an ocean wave curls

crashes on the shore

and starts all over again.


the world moves on–

slope and all.

Hades by Alison Merberg, online publication

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