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Moscow Protests, Summer 2019 - Leo Krylov

Moscow Protests by Leo Krylov from Vantage

They look at you with big eyes

Crocodile tears and painted halos,

Fake medals, fools gold.

They cower behind walls of fragile stone

They float so they don’t have to imagine

Walking on thorns

Bearing the weight of your heavy heart

Do you think they’re blind?

Do you think they’re born

With a spot in their vision to block out

The ugly truth, 

The tears?


Plug your ears, boys,

Don’t listen

To the screams

Come here, boys,

Wash your hands in the stream

Come out fresh and young and sparkling clean

Turn away, and it carries away your sins

Don’t look to see us there,

Standing in the blood-red current

Just the dregs of our dreams.

Do You Think They Understand?

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